Ad Serving

With our Ad Server we can handle cookie-based campaigns
as well as non-cookie-based campaigns.

Ad Server

Privacy is the main concern for many businesses, and online advertising can be a sensitive issue. ORTEC | adscience has developed a platform that makes it possible to target advertisements without using cookies, and without drawing up user profiles. The owner of the advertising space keeps complete control of the cookies placed for online advertisements. Ads are shown based on context targeting, using the context of the advertisement to determine which advertisement categories match the interests of the visitors. That way you can reach your relevant target groups without infringing on their privacy.

Other Products

Demand side platform

Our Demand Side Platform covers all your advertising campaigns in one centralized system

Cross Channel Media Optimizer

With the Cross Channel Media Optimizer we make sure that you get all the data insights and the power to take action (plan).

Data Foundation

With our Data Foundation you can collect and clean raw data sets into blends that you can manage.

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