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2019 has been a great year for ORTEC | adscience. We have been growing rapidly and our achievements speak for themselves. In this article a few highlights of the year will be presented.

Client event
In the beginning of 2019, ORTEC | adscience organized a client event. The event location was full with all the partners and clients that attended this event. Oscar Peter, Commercial Director of ORTEC | adscience gave an opening speech, followed by interesting presentations by Digital Audience and Bannerwise. After the presentations there was a wonderful lunch organized by Van de Valk Hotel Oostzaan, where the event was held. ORTEC | adscience experienced this client event as an absolute success and wants to thank everyone who contributed to this client event.

In 2020 STER plans to go to full cookieless advertising. ORTEC | adscience is the only one who can offer that to STER, which means that we are going to work together even closer. At this point in time, we are preparing for the moment when the STER goes to full cookieless advertising. ORTEC | adscience is excited about their decision and our close cooperation.

In 2019 ORTEC | adscience established a connection with the Adhese Gateway setup. By connecting both platforms a one of a kind independent ecosystem of demand and supply is created. In this new setup it will be much easier for both parties involved to fulfill the market’s wishes for new features.

For more information about the Adhese Gateway setup click on the link below:

ORTEC | adscience’s Demand Side Platform has improved rapidly throughout the year, and has seen an increased usage by STER and RTL Nederland. The DSP is constantly developing in the following fields: Data science, white label, easy to use, flexibility and endless possibilities. We are looking forward to all the developments in 2020!

ORTEC | adscience would like to say thank you to everyone who has made 2019 an amazing year.  The team wishes everyone happy holidays and stay tuned for everything that’s going to happen in 2020, exciting things are coming up. For example, the new segmentation of Whooz will be added to the insights of our DSP dashboard by the first of January. Because of this implementation, Mosaic will be replaced by Whiz and this will enhance the data drive decisions.

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