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Empower your marketing campaign with the tools that adscience has developed.

These digital online toolings give you perfect insights about your audience and more.

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What we do?

adscience is a 100% Independent Technology provider.
Our solutions and products are meant for:

Advertisers & Agencies

Publishers & Broadcasters

All the solutions and products that we deliver come with clear characteristics such as: ease of use, awesome support, fully optimizable, outstanding features and completely agnostic.

Why adscience?

We offer solutions for your online advertising challenge. Our approach is to identify the opportunity, create a proof of concept and offer a Minimum Viable
Product and go from there.

Easy to use

We offer our products managed or self-serviced.

Experts in optimization

ORTEC is one of the largest providers of optimization software and analysis solutions in the world.

Awesome Support

Our support team is readily available to provide support on any steps necessary.

Independent Tech

As an independent technology company, ORTEC has no ties or restricting commitments.

Outstanding Features

Our system contains a wide variety of features.

Advertisement with or without cookies

We offer a way to show ads without tracking cookies.

Variety of options regarding online advertising

We can show ads on different platforms.

You keep control over your own data

We won’t share data with third parties. The data will always stay yours and yours only. GDPR proof.

Powerful analytics

Our platform will provide you with insights. With this you know who saw the ad and gives you the opportunity to add data to your campaign for the best results.

Clients & Partners

adscience has a large group of customers and successful partnerships
with, among others, the following companies.

Latest News

STER helemaal over op cookieloos adverteren

STER helemaal over op cookieloos adverteren

De exploitant van de publieke omroepen STER gaat op internet helemaal over op cookieloos adverteren. Afgelopen jaar, waarin de nieuwe opzet werd getest, verliep boven verwachting goed, met positieve resultaten en volgeboekte kwartalen. Lees meer

Nieuwe segmentatie Whooz beschikbaar in de DSP van adscience

Nieuwe segmentatie Whooz beschikbaar in de DSP van adscience

In 2019, heeft Whooz, Mosaic vervangen door Whize. Wij hebben deze segmentatie geïmplementeerd in onze DSP om insights te kunnen geven van de bereikte doelgroep van een campagne. Wat de voordelen en veranderingen van de nieuwe segmentatie zijn, is te lezen in het...

The year 2019 of ORTEC | adscience

The year 2019 of ORTEC | adscience

2019 has been a great year for ORTEC | adscience. We have been growing rapidly and our achievements speak for themselves. In this article a few highlights of the year will be presented. Client event In the beginning of 2019, ORTEC | adscience organized a client event....

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