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The technology behind online and offline advertising is highly complex. We created products and services that make complex procedures very easy.

We created an easy to use, most flexible demand side platform (DSP) ourselves because nothing else in the market met our standards or specifications.
ORTEC | adscience is designed to make your life easier; offering ease of use while outperforming the competition.

Your potential customers could be anywhere at any time – real time bidding (RTB) is key. Our platform covers all your (display) advertising campaigns in one centralized system and makes sure no potential client is overlooked.


We created a Data Foundation Control Center to combine all your relevant (big) data, connect your existing systems, match data easily, unify and harmonize seamlessly.
And give you full control, security and privacy.

Cross Channel Media Optimizer
Increase your conversions with the same budget, get accurate conversion forecasts.
Get more efficient allocation of your marketing budgets.
All-in a user interface that provices you clear insights in performance and get better results for your budget.

In short
Whether your goal is to create brand awareness or to increase your conversion rate by a retargeting campaign, we combine intelligent algorithms and technology to make it happen.

Clients & Partners


We are expanding our features as we speak and we are always eager to create new ones based on our clients’ preferences.
We listed a selection of our current features below.

Ease of use

Our self-service dashboard has been designed with the idea that anyone should be able to set up a campaign without help or prior experience.
Our intuitive interface has been designed – and is continuously improved- with the help and feedback of the end user. This has led to a system in which anyone can become operational within a few minutes.

Experts in optimization

ORTEC is one of the largest providers of optimization software and analysis solutions in the world.
Across a multitude of industries we make businesses more efficient, predictable and effective. Our mission is to optimize the world, using world class mathematics and engineering to turn complex challenges into user-friendly solutions.

Awesome Support

While we prefer to let our system speak for itself, our support team is readily available to provide support on any steps necessary.
If needed, we can even offer our fully Managed Solutions. ORTEC is worldwide praised and frequently consulted by customers because of our experience and the value we add to their businesses.

Independent Tech

As an independent technology company, ORTEC has no ties or restricting commitments. We can display things entirely transparently and objectively without fear of overstepping any 3rd party boundaries.
This allows us to always put the customer first: Your concerns are our concerns.

Outstanding Features

Our system contains a wide variety of features, including -but certainly not limited to: machine learning bid- and audience valuation,
smart budget pacing, hyper local targeting, excellent video support and targeting, and a fully incorporated own ad server. As all our features are developed in house, we can be very flexible and adapt quickly to any shifting market needs.

Optimize more

Besides ORTEC Adscience, which caters to all your display needs. ORTEC provides several other products that may further help you further optimize your marketing:

  • The Data Foundation Control Center (DFCC). Gather and clean all your data across all offline and online channels in one single place. Excellent for dashboarding and better data analysis.
  • The Media Optimizer optimizes the way your total budget is allocated across different channels to maximize your number of conversions and the value of your money.

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You say online marketing, we say ORTEC | adscience

We’re happy to say that we can use our passion for mathematics to make the world a little better every day. In just 36 years, ORTEC became the world’s leading supplier of mathematical optimization software and advanced analytics to optimize businesses. Whether we’re talking about optimizing marketing, supply chains for supermarkets, scouting for soccer talents or work scheduling for health care organizations; we will put all our efforts in making these industries more efficient. The result: lower operation costs and higher customer and employee satisfaction, which together ensure a lower environmental impact.